Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dawson a curious choice for Hall of Fame

My friend Nick's question was simple: "What do you think of this year's HOF vote?"

I'm guessing that Nick figured I had a thought or two about the announcement today that Andre Dawson had been selected for induction into baseball's holiest shrine. Nick was right, too; I did have thoughts.

Here's what I wrote Nick:

"Stunned, actually. I never looked at Andre Dawson as a Hall of Famer. He had great seasons, no doubt about that. But the Hall of Fame isn't the Hall of Good, and Dawson doesn't measure up to the other great outfielders who are in Cooperstown.

"The fact that he made it over Roberto Alomar is stunning, which shows how quirky the Hall of Fame voters are. He's a lifetime .279 hitter with only 438 homers, a number that should have been a lot higher for someone who played 21 seasons.

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