Friday, December 4, 2009

Pacman vs. Pretty Boy: Is their fight on?

You can almost see Manny Pacquiao’s smile.

Check it out.

There his smile is in front of you -- a toothy grin that turns the Pacman’s features into a cartoonist's rendering, a wide and exaggerated visage that indicates he’s comfortable with his circumstances.

Did you see it?

You won't have to search hard for reasons behind Pacquiao's smiling. He has millions of reasons.

Fresh from his demolition last month of Miguel Cotto, Pacquiao learned his performance didn’t scare off “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather Jr., an unbeaten fighter who has to be smiling broadly himself. He got Mayweather's people to agree in principle on a contract; he did so without all the posturing that often attaches itself to Mayweather like Velcro.

Oh, his people had been floating hints that to make this mega-fight happen, they would insist Mayweather earns the lion’s share of a princely purse. They tried to convince everybody that he was the top draw for PPV subscribers, not the pint-sized Pacquiao.

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